Top Value Fabrics Introduces Shockwave for Creating Attention-Getting Activewear

Top Value Fabrics has expanded its line of polyester spandex fabrics for activewear applications.

The newest addition is Shockwave, a 92/8 Polyester Spandex Space Dye Jersey Fabric that is specifically designed for creating attention-getting activewear apparel.

“This new fabric is available in five colors for creating fashion-forward apparel, explains Ken Siecinski, Activewear Manager for Top Value Fabrics. Siecinski adds, “The blended spandex fabric features soft fibers and stretch to allow for good lateral movement. This fabric supports manufacturers in creating on-trend apparel with a comfortable, contoured fit.”

The soft fibers, great stretch and exceptional comfort make Shockwave a versatile fabric for a wide variety of athletic apparel and streetwear. The most popular applications of this new fabric include yoga apparel, hoodies, sports bras, leggings, headwear and athleisure wear.